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Our board chose to cancel plans for holding a community fundraiser at the Spalding Community Services District due in part to expenses VS limited occupancy.  We believed we would be spending more per person than we would get back in return on food and beverages as well as our quality raffle prizes.  We believe that our MISSION and our MEMBERS would be better served by not spending more money than we could make and add to what money we have so we can continue to fund Pine Creek Restoration projects and studies with Trout Unlimited.  We urge you to please donate through our PayPal account. You can be confident your donations are going directly to saving Eagle Lake habitat by getting our water back into Pine Creek.  We won the battle of the words and facts,  we now have to insure that the Pine Creek Conservation Plan (which is in nearly paragraph for paragraph with Guardians letter to USFWS regarding why our trout has been put in the position of being considered and Endangered or Threatened Species and who is responsible) is completed.  The trout won't face this listing if Pine Creek is restored so a natural, native spawn can occur.   EAGLE LAKE GUARDIANS ARE THE ONLY LOCAL NONPROFIT THAT SPECIFICALLY SERVES TO BENEFIT AND PRESERVE EAGLE LAKE IN ITS ENTIRETY.  YOU CAN HELP BY DONATING TODAY!!   


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A special meeting being called regarding fundraiser planned at SCSD building (See agenda 4-19-16 on Our Papers)

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